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MILLER & FALKNER Employment Law and Personal Injury AttorneysRheanne Dodson Falkner and Charles W. Miller: Over 35 years combined experience fighting for the rights of Kentucky and Indiana employees and personal injury victims.

Kentucky Injury Lawyer

At Miller & Falkner, our Kentucky injury attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of clients harmed by the negligent or improper conduct of others. Our practice is devoted entirely to representing victims in personal injury, wrongful death, and employment law matters throughout Kentucky and Indiana. We do not represent insurance companies, product manufacturers, or corporations. Our sole focus is to advocate for you, and help you seek the compensation you deserve from the drivers, healthcare providers, employers, or others whose careless or wrongful conduct has caused you harm. Our Kentucky injury lawyers strive to provide high quality legal representation to each and every one of our clients, and will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.


Injuries resulting from a car accident, a defective product, or slip and fall can include broken bones, cuts or lacerations, bruising, head injuries, brain or spinal cord injuries, or worse. These injuries can lead to medical bills, lost wages, and the future diminishment of a person’s ability to work or support themselves or a family. Our legal system allows people injured by other people’s negligence, or failure to exercise reasonable care, to claim damages against the person or company responsible for their harm, and to recover compensation for amounts such as medical expenses and lost income.

In the event that a person dies because of someone’s negligent conduct, a wrongful death claim may allow the victim’s immediate family members to recover damages from the responsible party. Possible recovery could include amounts for the lost companionship of the deceased, as well as lost future earnings.


Doctors, hospital staff, and other medical professionals owe a high legal duty of care to their patients. A mistake by a doctor can result in severe injury, new complications, worsening of a patient’s condition, or even death. A medical malpractice or negligence claim must show that a doctor or other medical professional deviated from the accepted standard of care in their profession. A successful claim can result in the recovery of damages for medical expenses, lost earning capacity, and pain and suffering.


When people entrust the care of their loved ones to a nursing home, the home takes on the full responsibility of providing for that person’s needs. This includes not only providing food, shelter, and medical care, but also opportunities for recreation and a social life. Mistreatment of a nursing home resident, or neglect of a resident’s needs, can include a variety of acts or omissions, such as physical

abuse, failure to prevent falls, failure to administer medication, or financial abuse. This kind of failure to meet the legal standard for adequate care can cause severe injuries to residents, and can result in significant financial and legal liability for the nursing home and its employees.


Every driver owes a duty of care to other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians to operate their car safely and follow all traffic laws. Under principles of negligence, people who breach this duty and cause an accident, whether they were driving under the influence of alcohol or simply not watching the road, are liable for the damage they cause. This means a negligent driver who injures you may be responsible for reimbursing you for expenses related to medical care, lost wages, and other amounts.


Kentucky and Indiana are “at-will employment” states, meaning that employers may hire and fire employees for any reason or no reason, but state and federal laws offer employees some protection. Anti-discrimination laws protect employees from harassment and other adverse conditions based on factors like race, sex, and religion. Other laws require employers to make reasonable accommodations for their workers’ safety, medical needs, and family emergencies. We can help an employee recover damages and obtain other relief from an employer who violates state or federal employment laws.


At Miller & Falkner, are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients in employment and personal injury matters. We commit to each client that we will thoroughly investigate the law and the specific facts of their case, listen attentively to their questions and concerns, and offer an honest assessment of their rights and the merits of their claims. We will vigorously assert your rights, and our goal is to find the most efficient means of obtaining a recovery. This might mean settling a claim with an insurance company if that gets our client what they deserve, or it might mean taking a case to all the way to court.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury, or if you have lost a family member due to the negligent conduct of another, it is critical that you consult a qualified Kentucky injury attorney to help you assess your claim and identify your legal rights. Similarly, if you have experienced employment discrimination or other unlawful practices, you should consult with an experienced Louisville employment attorney with knowledge of Kentucky, Indiana, and federal employment laws. Contact Miller & Falkner today online or at (502) 583-2300 to schedule a free and confidential consultation regarding your case.

  • Rheanne is by far one of the most committed attorneys I have worked with. She ensured that I won my case and received the justice that I deserved.
  • I would like to thank you and your firm for handling my case. The law firm was professional, you were fair and honest, and my case was settled fast and fairly.
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