Indiana Lawmaker and His Daughter Injured in a Car Accident

March 6, 2014

Recently, an Indiana lawmaker and his daughter got involved in a car accident on Ohio Street in downtown Indianapolis. Fortunately, neither was seriously hurt.

sirens-13324-m.jpgThe accident occurred on a weekday evening, when Representative David Niezgodski of South Bend was driving his Cadillac STS sedan with his 23 year old daughter, Rachael, when they suffered a broadside, right-angled collision known as a "T-bone." The other car was a Kia Sorento SUV headed south on Capital Avenue.

While the other driver, a 24-year old woman from Indianapolis, was uninjured and treated at the scene, Niezgodski and his daughter needed to be pulled from their car by the Indianapolis Fire Department. It reportedly took 15 minutes to extract Niezgodski's daughter from the car. The Niezgodskis were then taken to the nearby Eskenazi Hospital in critical condition.

Niezgodski's daughter was released later with a concussion and soft tissue damage, while Niezgodski remained in the hospital another night, suffering from a broken rib and aggravated neck problems. He expected to be released the next day and to receive follow-up treatment the following week. Niezgodski expressed gratitude to those who helped him and to well-wishers, and noted that he and his daughter were lucky that it was not much more serious.

Law enforcement officials are currently trying to determine the cause of the car accident. They do not believe that drugs or alcohol played a role in the collision, but even so, the Fatal Alcohol Crash Team was called in to aid the investigation.

Needless to say, regardless of who is at fault for the car accident, it is extremely fortunate that neither party suffered serious injuries. Especially when 674 fatal accidents take place in a year (as of 2011), out of 188,132 accidents that result in injury. Of the fatal collisions, nearly 20% (19.4%) were related to excessive speed, while 133 were linked to alcohol or drug impairment. The other driver should not have to be a legislator to make his or her safety worth considering; all drivers have a general duty of care to all other drivers and passengers on the road. That includes obeying the applicable traffic laws and avoiding careless or reckless behavior, like driving after drinking, or driving while distracted by cell phones or other devices in the car. Those who are injured by a driver who breaches his of her duty of care have the option of hiring an experienced personal injury attorney and filing a lawsuit. During the suit, the injured party would need to show that the other driver's actions were either the direct or indirect cause of the injury. If the lawsuit is successful, the injured party may receive a monetary amount for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

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