Indiana Man Struck and Killed Hours After Getting Married

December 17, 2013

In recent tragic news, an Indiana man who had been married just hours earlier got killed when he tried to help a stranded motorist. The stranded motorist was also killed in the accident.

wedding-cake-933687-m.jpgThe groom and bride were driving to their hotel from the wedding reception along 109th Avenue in Crown Point, Indiana just before midnight. There, they saw that a car had skidded off of the snowy road into a ditch along the side. The groom parked in a driveway and went to help the stranded motorist. He had just helped her up the steep embankment when a car driving eastbound struck both of them, as well as the next two cars after that. No citations were issued to any of the drivers, and investigators at the scene did not find anything to suggest that alcohol or drugs were a factor.

The groom was a U.S. Army Ranger in the 82nd Airborne Division for 12 years, whose tours of duty included Desert Storm. He was known for being a generous person who would stop and help anyone, regardless of the circumstances. He leaves behind his bride, two daughters, and a step-daughter and step-son. The stranded motorist was a popular teacher at a local school who was known for her commitment to education and for using technology to promote learning.

Eventually, the investigation ought to yield answers about what might have been done to prevent the tragic accident, whether a barrier needs to be in place to prevent skid, or signs need to be installed, telling drivers to proceed with caution in certain areas. It could simply be that this was a tragic series of events, that despite precautions taken, the motorist skidded off the road, and that there was nothing to alert oncoming motorists that there were people on the side of the road before it was too late.

Unfortunately, weather at this time of year increases the likelihood of cars skidding and car accidents. However, even in poor conditions, drivers have a duty to other drivers and passengers to drive responsibly. For instance, even if the speed limit for a particular road were 65, if the conditions do not permit safe driving at that speed, the driver must drive below the speed limit. Other instances of human error, such as driving while distracted or while intoxicated, can also play a role. Those who are injured in a car accident that was not their fault could file a lawsuit against the other driver. He or she might argue that the other driver had a duty, that the other driver breached that duty by driving carelessly, that the breach caused the injury, and that the injury resulted in damage, either physical or property damage, or both. If you live in Indiana and were injured in a car accident, contact an Indiana car accident attorney today.

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