Kentucky High School Football Player Back at Practice After a Serious Car Accident

August 29, 2013

This fall, Somerset High School in Somerset, Kentucky will welcome back their tight end/defensive end, Jacobi Gilmore, who was involved in a serious car accident the previous year.

football-1-645083-m.jpgIn October 2012, Gilmore and his Briar Jumpers teammate, Will Hinton, got into the accident when their car collided with a tractor trailer while pulling onto East Kentucky 80 after football practice. Hinton, the driver, suffered a broken pelvis, while Gilmore suffered a concussion, brain bleeding, a broken jaw, separated shoulder, and a collapsed lung.

Hinton, then a senior in high school, saw his football career come to an end. He spent two months in a wheelchair and was absent from school for four months while he rehabilitated. While he missed football, he found it tougher to be out of his school routine and away from his friends. Gilmore, meanwhile, spent two weeks in a Lexington Hospital and was absent from school until January. The accident caused him to lose more than 40 pounds, and a lot of strength. However, Gilmore managed to go through rehabilitation and strength training, eventually packing 235 pounds on his six-foot-four frame.

Though Gilmore is happy to be back on the football team, he and his coach are both concerned about him sustaining another concussion. Gilmore hopes that his efforts to gain strength will allow him to defend with other parts of his body so he does not rely on his head so much. At the same time, he is just grateful to be back to full health. As for Hinton, he will begin his first year at the University of Kentucky, back at full strength and playing pick-up basketball games.

It goes without saying that a car accident can change your entire life. Even more unnerving, car accidents happen roughly every 10 seconds, making them the most common type of personal injury. After being injured by a car accident, you will likely also have the added stress of dealing with medical bills and insurance companies — either yours or the other party's.

Those who are injured in a car accident that is not their fault will often hire a Kentucky car accident attorney and file a lawsuit. In Kentucky, as in most states, drivers have a duty to operate a vehicle with "reasonable care under the circumstances." An injured party filing a lawsuit would need to prove that the other driver breached that duty through reckless driving or some other error, that the breach injured the (now) injured party, and that as a result of the injury, the injured party suffered damage.

In addition to filing a lawsuit, the injured party may also deal with an insurance adjuster. Many insurance adjusters attempt to contact the injured party before he or she can speak to an attorney. If you choose to communicate with the insurance company first, follow the do's and don'ts, which include contacting the company as soon as possible after the accident, keeping a record of all conversations, taking pictures of the car, and determining what kind of coverage you have. If you were hit by an uninsured motorist and have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, your insurance company can step into that driver's shoes and pay your claim.

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