Nursing Home Abuse & Negligence

Nursing Home Abuse & NegligenceA nursing home should provide qualified care and services for residents who need medical or nursing provisions, as well as rehabilitation services for the injured, disabled or sick. The institutionalized care patients receive at nursing homes most likely limits their lifestyle choices and the scope of privacy they might be accustomed to. However, patients should nevertheless expect and receive high caliber care with dignity at such facilities.

The federal Nursing Home Reform Amendments of 1987 and correlating Kentucky and Indiana laws give protection to residents in nursing home facilities. Residents that lack decision-making capabilities can have an agent make determinations for them, under a power of attorney, for health care or another legal representative recognized by Kentucky and Indiana laws. These agents can exercise the resident’s legal rights for them as well.

Federal law mandates that nursing homes abide by strict basic standards of care for each resident under the facility’s supervision. The many specific rights guaranteed by federal and state laws aim to ensure the quality of life of each resident is respected and set quality standards for the provision of services and activities. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) offers some great tools when you are looking for the appropriate nursing home to care for yourself or a loved one. The Medicare office has Nursing Home Important Information allowing you to compare nursing homes that are certified in Medicare and/or Medicaid. See out blog post “Choosing the Right Nursing Home in Kentucky”

If you experience or notice any of the following signs of neglect or abuse, please contact a qualified attorney at Miller and Falkner as soon as possible:

  • Physical Abuse/ Neglect
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Pressure Sores/ Bed Sores
  • Dry Skin/ Chapped Lips
  • Unexplained Weight Loss/ Inability to Eat
  • Infections
  • Falls/ Broken Bones
  • Excessive Bruising
  • Verbal Abuse

The attorneys at Miller and Falkner have the knowledge and experience to fight for the rights of people were injured as a result of nursing home of abuse or neglect. Contact a nursing home neglect attorney at Miller and Falkner to discuss the rights of your loved one.